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About Us

O'Hamill's Animals is a full-service dog grooming specialty studio and boutique located in Harrisburg, PA, USA.

We are fully insured and licensed and are an easy 15min. drive from the city. Located in Lower Paxton by way of Jonestown Road near Colonial Commons shopping plaza, Olive Garden, Target, Giant Foods, Costco, and more! Take a right off of Jonestown Road at Best Buy onto Devonshire Road, and a left at Devonshire Church onto Devon Drive!

Drop off and Shop!

Make an appointment to drop your pup off for a spa day and then shop, dine, or have a glass of wine at Spring Gate Vineyard just down the road!

Just the Bits

Make an appointment to drop off your pup for a quick nail trim or just a bath! Have a skunk emergency? Give a call!

Regular Grooming

For the health of your pup and family, regular pet grooming is essential! Schedule a groom every five weeks! We groom one dog at a time in a quiet loving atmosphere, No crating ever, just a big couch, toys, treats, love, and an enclosed courtyard!

Spa Day

We are a small high-quality boutique-style grooming studio. Give your pup the lavish spa treatment he or she deserves! Treat them to unconditional pampering! From special skin-conditioning shampoos, lively fragrances and even bright nail polishes!

Show Dog Shine

Every breed of pup has a show dog inside! Get Kennel Club style or a trim tailored to suit a unique personality!

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Andrea grooming dog
Andrea Howard

Andrea is a specialty Groomer with 13 years' experience and multiple certifications. She specializes in small breeds, artistic styling and standard breed cuts.

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1 (717) 480 - 2476
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O'Hamill's Animals

O'Hamill's Animals provides exceptional treatment for sensitive dogs. For dogs with anxiety or trauma, a calm, soothing environment can make all the difference.

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1 (717) 480 - 2476