logo-iconAndrea O'Hamill is a certified Pet Stylist by multiple agencies. She has been an entrepreneur for many years and maintains a small grooming studio in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Andrea is a staunch believer in the American ideals of free enterprise and independent creative pursuits. She has an acute sensitivity to animals with specialized needs and disabilities. Consequently, she has developed O'Hamill's Animals Canine Grooming Studio.

Andrea is also a formally-trained classical singer. She received her education from Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and the Curtis Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She then spent many years professionally singing, teaching and coaching aspiring singers. As a result of her studies and the effects of music on the psychological well-being of the individual, she has transferred this knowledge into her work with animals. She often employs her angelic voice while caring for her client's pets. The calming nature of her singing has an immediate and remarkable effect on those of skittish and anxious temperments. Because of this, she has become a highly regarded talent in the local community of pet owners.

logo-iconThe Studio philosophy Andrea developed as a response to her training and passion for animals is that pets need regular grooming. They are our children. Like the physically disabled and the elderly, they require extra help. Society is becoming much more aware regarding the proper care of animals. They require responsible caretakers to attend to their needs. For the health and safety of your pets, children, and indeed your entire family, your pets should be groomed regularly.

Fun Fact: Did you know the bubonic plague was spead by fleas from rats to house pets and killed 1/3 of the population of Europe just prior to the Renaissance?

logo-iconA full treatment includes ear(s) cleaning, anal gland excretion (to prevent itching and carpet running as well as cancer, constipation and other illnesses), nail trimming, bathing, brushing and removal of undercoat (requiring specialized tools and equipment), summer flea bath, coat trimming or shaving (breed specific and artistic freestyle), sanitary trims, haircuts.

logo-iconPlease make an appointment! For large dogs ask for Jen, small dogs for Andrea! Thank you so much!